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“It had come to everyone’s attention that many people were losing faith in God, particularly in America. It was the angel’s duty to do what they could to turn that around.” Set in modern-day America, James H. Barrett, Jr.’s new novel, “A Corporation of Angels,” takes its readers on a humorous and soul-enriching journey. It’s not often that the religion genre mixes so well with mystery and action, but the local author does so perfectly. Set in Pittsburgh, the employees of C.O.A. work alongside the walking souls while fighting Satan and his minions in the Hostile Takeover Enterprise company. The story follows angels Gabriel and Sarah, who interact with other couples in their community to spread kindness, compassion, and generosity; Jeremiah and Jonah, two angels who couldn’t be more opposite but work in harmony; and Sephora, Serafina, and Michaela, a trio of strong women sent to work in New York City. For any Pittsburgh resident or fan of the city, memorable locations like Carson Street, Mt. Washington, the Strip District, and PPG Plaza are something to look forward to and trigger the thought of “I know that place!” constantly. Highly imaginative and creative, Barrett, Jr. is able to incorporate Biblical figures like Luke and James, who serve as generals alongside Sergeants Matthew and Peter, as well as Lucifer’s faction, which includes the likes of Covah, Seil, and Soahc — who are, of course, Havoc, Lies, and Chaos. “A Corporation of Angels” is a story that’ll keep you rooting for the good guys while also questioning what makes the walking souls stray toward sin and corruption. Although it may be a work of fiction, the book applies to many aspects of everyday life. It’s perfect for a youth group or for anyone looking for an uplifting and interesting read. To purchase a copy, click here.

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